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Corporate Responsibility Booklet 2021

Our new CR booklet is here. Read what Julian, Hannes and Phillip have collected about the current state of Corporate Responsibility at FOND OF. From 174481019 recycled pet bottles to an interview with one of the founders and our BIO chef, it's all there. Designed by our very own Creation Team.


FOND OF Fair Wear Foundation Social Report 2019/20

Here you can find all information about partnerships with our producers in the Far East and Europe, audits and stakeholder engagement as well as full transparency about our suppliers.

Download Social Report

Transparency in the textile industry is a big challenge - and it is a prerequisite to improve. Certainly, not everything is perfect yet, but we want to provide insight to all our stakeholders. Here you can find the list of our direct suppliers (Tier 1), their subcontractors (Subcons) and our material suppliers (Tier 2).

Download transparency list

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